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North American Medical Corporation (NAM) is a world-class manufacturer of medical devices. We manuracture and distribute spinal orthopedic devices, dual-screen portable ultrasound, gait training and core stabilization physical therapy devices.

With a mindset driven toward innovation, NAM is committed to excellence. Only NAM manufactures systems that qualify to administer IDD Therapy® (Intervertebral Differential Dynamics Therapy), one of the fastest-growing back pain intervention techniques in the US.


History of the Company

Since 2000, North American Medical Corporation has been committed to the advancement of new therapies that use the body’s natural healing abilities.

As the science of regenerative medicine has proven, vision combined with technological innovation, provides unlimited potential for utilizing the healing power within our own body.

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North American Medical Offices Building in Marietta Atlanta GA

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Our mission began with the desire to develop advanced technology utilizing dynamic energy, applied at specific levels and with variable waveforms, as a treatment method to heal spinal discs.   It was this goal that led to the development of the Accu-SPINA® to administer IDD Therapy®, invented and patented by Carlos Becerra, CEO of North American Medical, in conjunction with C.Norman Shealy MD.,Phd.  

With studies showing up to 92% success rates, our flagship product has been recognized by the International Museum of Surgical Science for its contribution to  “Alleviating Suffering in the Human Condition” along with a miniature Accu-SPINA® displayed on the museum floor.


North American Medical treatment systems have undergone rigorous third party laboratory safety and performance testing.
Awarded UL, CE and ISO 14386, excellence in technology and treatment has fueled Accu-Spina® sales throughout the world.

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