Accu-SPINA®:  There Is No Substitute

The Accu-SPINA® is the only therapeutic device approved to deliver IDD Therapy® (Intervertebral Differential Dynamics), a broad range of treatment protocols that mimic many conventional physical-therapy regimens.  Unlike those other regimens, the Accu-SPINA® is able to treat the specific spinal segments that are damaged with computer directed precision, and variable pressure, to ensure an indivudalized treatment protocol for each patient.   There truly is no other spinal rehabilitation device like the Accu-SPINA®.

The Accu-SPINA® stands out from other decompression options on the market due to the utilization of three separate waveforms delivered based on the parameters set by the treating clinician (sinusoidal, triangular, or square waveforms).   Additionally, the Accu-SPINA® produces a unique, patented, secondary waveform called oscillation, which is a key component elevating IDD Therapy® above other treatment options.

The Accu-SPINA’s delivery method allows for highly specific mobilization, or distraction, of the targeted spinal segment to improve functional performance.  Fully computer-directed, the treatment regimen can be duplicated or modified as needed for an individual patient’s full rehabilitative course over a standard 30-day protocol.

The Accu-SPINA® device is on permanent exhibit at the International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago, IL, USA, where it is historically archived along with other innovative medical devices that have impacted the way medicine is practiced today.

The Accu-SPINA joins other medical innovations such as: the Iron Lung, the Artifical Heart Valve and the Lindbergh perfusion pump.