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Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative Disc Disease – What is it?

As we age, degenerative disc disease can occur due to repetitive wear and tear.  As the aging process progresses, the water content inside our discs decreases which causes them to become dehydrated, shrink and lose their ability to act as cushions for the vertebrae. This makes our spinal segments come closer together and unstable causing back pain and other spine issues.

Our bodies try to defend this by tightening up muscles and ligaments which causes stress on bones.  The bones react by building more bone to strengthen the attachments of the muscles and ligaments.  Also, because the vertebrae are closer together, other conditions such as facet syndrome and disc herniations may result. Learn more about disc disease here. 


 Treating Degenerative Disc Disease with IDD Therapy®

Treatment is directed towards rehydration in order to increase flexibility, elasticity, and the shock absorbing characteristics of the disc.  IDD Therapy® rehab helps to rehydrate the disc by stimulating fluid exchange between the immobilized structures.  Disc fluid and other necessary nutrients flow back into the disc to help the disc regain its structurally sound characteristics.


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