IDD Therapy

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Our Providers are here to help treat back pain without surgery.  We only use IDD Therapy – a highly advanced, nonsurgical, computer directed form of spinal decompression, unlike any other.

We are continually expanding and adding new clinic listings.  Check back often or tell your doctor or chiropractor to contact us to learn about bringing IDD Therapy to you.    We can be reached at: 866-669-4433.

If you don’t see a Provider near you on the map, call us or email us to find your nearest IDD Therapy® treatment location.  You can also fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


      If you are not able to find a provider above, we may be able help.  Not all providers have been added and new locations open almost very week as we ship Accu-SPINAs to providers who are adding IDD Therapy® to their treatment options.

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