What  Doctors  Say About  IDD  Therapy®

I have been performing IDD Therapy® in my clinic for over a year. Intervertebral Differential Dynamics Therapy is a treatment modality used to treat back pain due to several different causes.

It is extremely effective in the treatment of herniated, ruptured, or bulging discs. Many patients undergoing this procedure have exhausted alternative treatment options. Some patients have even undergone surgical intervention in an effort to alleviate their pain and altered lifestyle.

The results I have been achieving with IDD Therapy® are phenomenal. I have had patients come to my clinic who could barely walk due to the back pain they were experiencing. By their last IDD Therapy® treatment, these patients were able to resume their normal activities and active lifestyles.

Michael Mawby, MD

Arthritis & Osteoporosis Center, Traverse City, MI

I recently purchased an Accu-Spina from North American Medical  Corporation. Although I’d considered other spinal decompression machine purchases, I knew the reputation of the Accu-SPINA® as a high quality, clinically proven device for IDD Therapy® treatments with high patient success rates.

Even so, the results I have achieved here in my own practice have far exceeded my expectations! With patients loving the treatments.


Dr. Hanford

What  Patients  Say About  IDD  Therapy®

Brad Stevens

Atlanta, GA

Robert Lanier, MD and Fred Jones, Patient

Jared Schmidt

Atlanta, GA

Ansley Colby

Atlanta, GA